Solar PV

Solar PV for Home & Business

Solar PV is Ecoscheme's most popular renewable energy systems amongst our customers. At Ecoscheme, we can find the right solution for a wide range roofs.

All of our systems are bespoke to fit your needs. We offer a range if premium panels, inverters and monitoring packges. As MCS accredited installers we ensure that your system is designed and fitted as per all the required standards.


  • Free electricity for your home or business
  • Save money on your current energy bills
  • Less exposure to energy price increases from your supplier
  • Helps you contribute to a greener environment
  • Investment for the future
  • Future potential to sell your unused electricity to energy suppliers at a competitive price
  • Get your home or business battery-ready for the future


  • The sun light reacts the panels to create DC electricity
  • The sun light can be indirect or direct (the panels will still work in cloudy conditions)
  • The DC electricity is fed to an inverter where it is switched to AC electricity that can be used in homes and businesses
  • Before the electricity is used, it is recorded on a generation meter so you can see how much electricity the panels are producing
  • If your home or business needs the free-electricity generated, it will be used straight from the panels
  • When you don't need the electricity, you will be exporting 'clean' energy to the grid and doing your part for the environment
  • If you don't need the electricity at the time it is generated but want to the most of your renewable energy, Ecoscheme can pair your system with other energy-saving technologies such as batteries or a power diverter, meaning you could store your electricity for a time when you need it more or heat you home's hot water for free

Did You Know?

Solar works hand-in-hand with heat pumps, keep running costs low!

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The best way to get the most from your solar system is to use as much of the green energy as you can. Ecoscheme can pair your system with technology to help you do this.

Power Diverter Technology

When you are not using the electricity that you are generating, it is automatically sent to the grid. We can fit power diverter technology to your system, which means that before the electricity is sent back to the grid, it is used elsewhere in your home. It can be diverted to your immersion heater, giving you free hot water. Or it can be diverted to your EV charging point, giving you free energy to charge your car!

Battery Storage

An alternative approach to using more of your generated solar, is to store it in batteries and save it for when you do need it. We can design and install market-leading energy storage technologies, specific to your storage needs.

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