Air Source Heat Pumps

The Renewable Way to Heat Your Home

An Air Source Heat Pump is a heating technology designed to keep your home warm with renewable energy. It can provide your heating and hot water by using the air outside to draw warmth into your home. It works by extracting heat from the outside air in the same way that a fridge extracts heat from its inside. It can even absorb heat from temperatures as low as -15 degrees. With a heat pump your home will maintain a constant comfortable air temperature, designed specifically with your needs in mind.


  • Heat pumps can save you money as they are cheaper to run than conventional electric heating. They are also cheaper to run than oil boilers and can be cheaper than running gas boilers.
  • A heat pump is eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive, meaning you will paid for the renewable heat that you generate over 7 years. You can be paid up to £1600 per year.
  • A heat pump produces no carbon emissions on site and none at all if paired with a renewable source of electricity.
  • Heat pumps are safe as there is no combustion involved and no emission of potentially dangerous gases.


At Ecoscheme we only install Mitsubishi Heat Pumps. Mitsubishi is a market leader in domestic renewable solutions and is a pioneer in the development of heat pump tehcnology with the ECODAN range.

All of our ECODAN systems have the option for smart control with the Mitsubishi MELCloud app. MELCloud allows the remote control of your heating system by PC, MAC, Tablet or Smartphone via the internet. It allows you to remotely control your heating and hot water, frost protection, holiday mode and your weekly heating schedule. It also lets you view a report the heat produced and how much electricity the heat pump has used, alongside operational mode reports and live weather feeds.

Ecoscheme is an accredited Mitsubishi Electric Installer and tailors an ECODAN solution that is right for your home.

All of our Mitsubishi heat pumps are covered with a standard 5 years warranty with an option to upgrade to 7 years if you wish.


We design your system to make sure your radiators are the right size to make your home cozy and your system run efficiently.


We will upgrade all the required radiators during installation, including options for designer radiators.


We always make use of your existing pipework in your home so it's as little upheaval as possible you. However, if you don't have an existing wet system, or only part of your property does, we can install a new system for you with one of our 'Pipe Packages' on install.

As MCS installers we can ensure that your heat pump qualifies for the Renewable Heat Incentive. If your property needs addational works to qualify for RHI, we can cover that too. For more information on the RHI visit:


Our air sources heat pumps can be designed to fulfill your home’s heating and hot water needs, or just your heating. Here are our most frequently asked questions.

What size heat pump system will I need?

We carry out a full survey before we propose to you the perfect system size for your property. We will also give you an accurate picture of the systems running costs and your RHI potential.

How do heat pumps work so efficiently?

Heat pumps are designed to heat your home using lower temperatures over a longer period. Working at lower temperatures, they don’t require as much energy to heat your home. It also means that your radiators aren’t always hot to touch even when your home is warm, making the systems child friendly.

How will I know that my home will be warmth enough?

We make sure that all the radiators in your property are oversized correctly to give you constant comfortable temperatures. We design your radiators to heat your home to building regulation temperatures, however if you have specific requests on how warm you want your home we build this into your design.

How long will the install take?

Our installations usually take 3 -5 days and we make sure that before we leave you’ve had a full run through of your new heating system. The time of install will depend on the size of your property and if there is already an existing central heating system that we can connect on to.

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